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RDS Playground

Before becoming the official user of RDS service, we offer playground for you to evaluate RDS quickly. Please visit https://rds.tic-tac-toe.io/, and login with following account: user: demo password: 12345678 After login, the control dashboard shows all connected nodes. These nodes are categorized by its geolocation (city and country), and their basic system information are displayed…

RDS QuickStart

First, please register a free account on RDS. You can simply visit https://rds.tic-tac-toe.io website, and input your name, email, and password to start registration. Please note, the name and email must be unique: Then you will get a mail with 2 important hints: magic link, the password-less URL for your account, please keep it safely…

RDS free service

To celebrate the launch of Remote Diagnosis Service, T2T offers free of charge service for embedded Linux developers. We understand that, developing “headless” embedded systems requires convenient access to powerful command line interfaces. By bringing powerful ssh interface to web front, RDS liberates developers from cluttered “terminal emulators” and stay on top of challenging issues….