First, please register a free account on RDS. You can simply visit website, and input your name, email, and password to start registration. Please note, the name and email must be unique:

Basic Information for Signup

Then you will get a mail with 2 important hints:

  • magic link, the password-less URL for your account, please keep it safely
  • agent installation script, the single line of BASH script to install agent on your preferred board/workstation
Registration Mail

On your workstation (either Linux or Mac OS X), open a terminal, and run the installation script:

# RDS_AGENT_TOKEN=ea5b44bceac54e108529476f5a757bd5 bash -c "$(curl -sL"

Back to browser, you can see the node running above agent script is already shown on the control panel.

Click any action button to initiate a Web Terminal session to control the node that you just run the installation script:

Running htop command

Above example demonstrates the agent runs on Mac OS X (x86_64 architecture). Now agent also supports these platforms and architectures:

  • x86_64 / linux_ubuntu_trusty
  • x86_64 / linux_ubuntu_bionic
  • armv7l / linux_ubuntu_trusty
  • armv7l / linux_ubuntu_bionic

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